Will Williams Meditation Retreat Review

Will Williams Meditation Retreat Review


In November 2015 I completed a beginner course in Vedic Meditation with Will Williams. I’ve written a separate post about this if you want to have a read…

Feeling so excited to learn more after the course, I enrolled in one of Will’s retreats in January and set off. I travelled down to West Sussex to the most beautiful house. Everyone was really welcoming and it was such a cool group. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because I have been on other retreats before and often the group doesn’t gel but everyone connected quickly and it felt super comfortable.

The food…

Friday night we spent an evening chatting about what was about to come and had our first dinner together. The food was vegetarian and delicious. It was a big change to my usual diet, very sugar and carbohydrate based but I enjoyed it and to my surprise my digestion really suited it.

The biggest shock was…there was no breakfast. This was a bit scary for me, I love food and eat a lot at breakfast, and I just think it’s the best meal of the day. However as we were mediating the whole weekend and weren’t exercising so I realised I didn’t really need it. Lunch and dinner were delicious – a mixture of curries and rice or quinoa and veggies, and the meals were followed by dessert – yum!

Rounding: What it is, and how did it make me feel…

During the day we would round. Never heard of this? Neither had I. Rounding is a routine that takes one hour which starts with a 15 minutes restorative yoga like movement followed by paranayma breathing (nostril breathing) followed by 20 minutes transmittal meditation then 10 minutes pranyama. We would round about 5 times a day.

It was quite trippy I cried at one point, had crazy visions. It was quite full on, I don’t ever spend so much time in silence by myself. You go very deep in your meditations, meaning you sort of leave your body and usual day to day thoughts.

It’s pretty intense and can knock you off your feet. In the evening we would reflect as a group with what was going on. Will would check on everyone and make sure we were all ok. Will’s gorgeous girlfriend Jess was also on hand helping and making us all feel welcome.

Would I recommend it – yes!

Will and his team are the dream and will make life a better place.

Get in contact here and say hi from me! You can book retreats over on Will’s website.

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