What I Eat When I’m Feeling Low

What I Eat When I’m Feeling Low

Hey beautiful!

I had the worst week last week – I was ill, then Shay got sick and, though we were both exhausted, we barely slept. Work was piling up, the house was covered in vomit and it seemed as if everything was going wrong. And honestly, that level of stress just makes me want to stuff my face!

But would face-planting into a giant tray of chocolate brownies make me feel better? No. Trust me, I’ve tried! And I’ve learned that the best way to get my glow back is to eat healthy comfort food. So, this is what I eat when I’m feeling low…



I love to start the day with something simple, cheerful and faff-free. So, a warming bowl of porridge with blueberries and banana, or (I know it’s a cliché but…) avocado toast always hits the spot. I like to make a matcha latte and drink it curled up in my slippers. I wear these cosy UGG sheepskin ones and they’re like a little hug for each foot! Wearing slippers reminds me of that feeling as a kid when my mum would wrap me up in a blanket and tell me everything’s going to be OK. She was usually right!



When I’m feeling low, I find it really helps to eat with friends. We’re all so busy don’t get enough time to sit and chat with the people we care about. Talking around the table with your workmates or loved ones can make you feel more connected and remind you that you’re not alone.

As for what to eat for lunch, I swear by soup when I’m feeling low. It’s warm and comforting, and if it’s made with chicken stock and lovely green veggies it can boost your mood as well as your immune system. My favourite soups are this Thai Coconut Prawn Bowl and my Warming Pho.



OK, I could make some healthy chocolate brownies, but when I’m feeling low I want to eat them all – I know myself well enough now! Overeating makes me feel bloated, even if I’m eating healthy ingredients. So I try to keep my snacks small when I’m in that kind of mood… something like a few medjool dates stuffed with almond butter. It’s ready in 10 seconds and because you get sweetness from the date and healthy fats from the nut butter, it feels satisfying.



I love bolognaise made with courgetti, or my Chickpea & Coconut Stew. It’s easier to digest cooked food, so I like a big warm bowl of hearty food even when the weather’s fine. Stress really affects our digestive system so when things are going wrong it helps to make food as easy as possible for yourself.



You know that feeling when you’re tired but not quite ready to go to bed? That’s when I start opening the fridge “just to look”!

So if you know the feeling, I’ve got two healthy options to help you get your glow back. First I’ll make calming cup of camomile tea with manuka honey – did you know chamomile can nix sweet cravings, and that manuka honey is great for your immune system?

If I still need something, I’ll blend a frozen banana with a great big dollop of nut butter, as it makes a delicious dessert that feels indulgent but doesn’t sit heavily in your stomach. I keep a stash of bananas in my freezer specifically for these moments – peel a couple and pop them in your freezer now so you’re armed and ready to pick yourself up next time life feels a bit much!

What do you like to eat when you feel low? Come over to Instagram and tell me!


Love, Madeleine xx


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