Yoga for Weight Loss

I’m never one to talk about weight loss, but this longer yoga practice for weight loss sequence is designed to help you raise your heart rate by incorporating strong vinyasa sequencing.

This high-energy sequence will leave you feeling energised with plenty of heart opening back bends, your core will be challenged to get your sexy abs working, lots of twists will detoxify your body, and we finish off this practice with a really relaxing hip-opening wind down and calming savasana to get you feeling at ease.

As requested, this yoga sequence is longer than the previous ones that I’ve done. I love doing this sequence first thing in the morning as an energetic start to the day, but you can fit it in at any time. Why not try and combine this practice with one of my other videos for a slightly longer routine? (links below)

I hope you enjoy it and leave me comments below for other yoga practices you want to see me film!

Lots of love,

Madeleine xxx

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