Yoga For Weight Loss: Lengthen and Strengthen

Hey beautiful!
I love this new yoga routine to lengthen and strengthen – I’ve had such a good time practising it for you and I feel so much better in my body now! I just know you’re going to love it too.
All the moves are sequenced to stretch you out and build strength in your muscles. We all get sore in our hip flexors from sitting down all day (damn you, desk) and we get tight hamstrings which can lead to back pain. Not fun. So this yoga routine will lengthen your spine and firm your tummy to help support your back a bit more too.
This is a great yoga routine to do every day – maybe you’ve woken up feeling a bit stiff (not like THAT) or you’re tired in the evening – strengthening and lengthening will help. I always feel glowy after this 13-minute miracle!
I’d love to know how you feel after this video, so please leave me a comment on YouTube or Instagram and let me know!
xx Madeleine


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