Postnatal Yoga Sequence

Hey everyone!

Since becoming part of the ‘Mama Community’ (ahhh!) I have had endless requests from you guys to do a postnatal yoga video that focuses on easing the body gently back in to some much needed stretching and really relax the mind, too.

Sure, being a Mum is a challenge and a half (to say the least) and let’s face it: utterly exhausting at times – but there are definitely small things that you can incorporate in to your day that really help to make you feel more energised and ready to take on any amount of dirty nappies! 😉

This sequence is not about pushing yourself too far but simply being kind to yourself as you get back in to the flow of things post pregnancy – and would also be perfect for those who just want a relaxing yoga video to guide them through a perhaps more stressful time. I know this time of year can get overwhelming, so connecting back with yourself is always a must in my book!

I hope you love the video and I can’t wait to hear any feedback you might have on it. Happy yoga-ing!

BIG love,

Madeleine xxx

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