Top 5 Cupboard Essentials

Top 5 Cupboard Essentials

When you have all the essentials in your cupboard being healthy becomes so much easier. These are my top 5 cupboard essentials I always have on hand:

Coconut oil

Not only great for cooking; as it can reach a high cooking temperature without denaturing, coconut oil can be used in baking as a butter substitute. It’s also great as a mouthwash to reduce bad breath, destroy bacteria in the mouth and improve dental health and as a natural make-up remover! A multi-tasking miracle!


Eggs are a great all-purpose ingredient. They can be used for breakfast poached on sourdough toast, lunch with some smashed avo and dinner in a veggie packed frittata (maybe not all in the same day!) If that wasn’t enough you can also use it in cakes to have with a cuppa – all round winner!


A fantastic natural sweetener you can sprinkle on your porridge, blend into your smoothie and add spice to a nice big bowl of pho!


Another versatile ingredient! I like to blend into hummus, scatter in a salad, roast with some spices for a healthy snack or whip up into a warming stew with some roasted squash. These are extra fab because the tins can sit in your cupboard for ages, so you can always have a tin handy to pull something yummy together.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another great food staple that doubles up as a beauty product. It can be added to avocado oil for a punchy dressing or dab it on a cotton pad for a fab facial toner – just be aware it smells strong!

What are your cupboard staples? Let me know below, I love hearing from you!

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