Things I’m loving this week…sleep

Things I’m loving this week…sleep


Sleep is such an important part of life. It’s something lots of us don’t get enough of, which can lead to bad mood swings, hormonal imbalances and premature ageing. They call it beauty sleep for a reason, and it’s definitely something you don’t want to be skipping!
We all have moments where we find it difficult to fall asleep; there’s lots going round in our minds, we’re stressed or there is lots of other things that are going on in our lives. I love getting into a routine so my body recognises when it’s time to wind down and get sleepy.
There are a few things that I use to get myself calm and ready for bed and here are a few of my favourites.
Let’s get some shuteye!


Aromatherapy Associates Eye Mask – £50


I love this eye mask, it’s silk and feels really luxurious. It’s great for helping to escape to the land of nod.


Magnesium Spray – £8.50

Magnesium Spray

I love magnesium spray. Not only is it an effective relief for post-workout DOMS, magnesium is also great for relaxing your muscles so can really aid a good night’s sleep.


Teapigs Camomile Tea – £11.45

Box of Teapigs Tea

Having tea before bed is a great way to be calm and relax your muscles before bed and after a long day. Chamomile is naturally calming and I find it’s the perfect amount of sweetness for after dinner.


This works Pillow Spray – £35

This works

This really does work!  I love using a pillow spray it really relaxes me and makes nodding off beautiful.


ASOS Socks – £3

Asos Socks

Bed socks are amazing nothing makes me more relaxed and comfy! They also keep the warmth in your body which is needed for the Winter month’s.


Calvin Klein Joggers – £41

Calvin Klein Joggers

Having comfy clothes to wear in the evening is crucial for me to get a great night’s sleep and these joggers are perfect!


3M Earplugs – £5.79


I sleep next to my lovely boyfriend every night and he often gets his snore on so I use earplugs to really zone out and block out the noise. It’s great to get into a habit of using earplugs, especially if there’s a lot of noise around you.


Liberty Alarm Clock – £24.95

Liberty Clock

You should avoid sleeping with your phone by your bed because having it there is tempting, and also the light which it projects can interrupt your sleep. Leave your phone outside the bedroom and invest in an alarm clock!


Origins Hand cream – £29.50

Origins Handcream

Origins is my go-to for natural skincare! I love using hand cream before I go to bed it’s a routine I’ve always had and it just seems to really relax me.


Maca Powder – £10.59

Maca Powder

Maca is a great superfood to have in your diet. I love putting it in smoothies because it’s great for  your mood. It’s also really effective at balancing out hormones which will definitely help your sleep. That said, Maca is naturally an energising supplement so make sure you pop it in your morning smoothie, not at night!


Moleskine Notebook – £9.49

Moleskine Notepad

Write it down! Often before nodding off I write down everything on my mind, how I’m feeling or if I remember something I need to do tomorrow. Knowing that you’ve got it written down will stop your mind thinking about it and you can pick it back up in the morning.
What tips do you have for sleeping sweetly? Comment below…

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