Things I’m loving this week… for allergies

Things I’m loving this week… for allergies


I think it’s safe to say that hay fever season is in full swing and I for one hate how irritating it is! I know lots of you suffer from hay fever and other seasonal allergies and I know how uncomfortable it can be. There’s nothing more annoying than sneezing away your day and feeling all bunged up! Sometimes it even takes the joy away from the sunshine!


It’s such a lovely time of year; the days are longer, warmer and sunnier! But what comes with this time of year is pollen and symptoms of hayfever.


To help relieve the pain I’ve put together some products that I find really helpful in soothing symptoms when you feel those sniffles coming on. I hope they help…

Eucalpytus Oil – £1.99

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is great for your sinuses and nose. Benefits include it being anti-inflammatory, a decongestant, antiseptic and antibacterial so it’s great for aiding your hayfever and allergies.

Chiray Reishi Powder – £12.98

Reishi Powder

I love reishi mushrooms and they’re great to get into your diet. Reishi has so many benefits including being great for allergies, the flu and boosting your immune system.

Hilltop Honey – £5.95

Hilltop honey

You may have heard before about the power of local honey for helping with allergy symptoms. The theory is that is desensitizes you to your pollen allergy. It contains pollen, which doesn’t trigger an allergic reaction but instead helps to build up immunity.

Hay fever Tea – £8

Ministry of Herbs Hayfever tea

I love the idea of hay fever tea! I’m always up for a cuppa and this Content hay fever tea has been formulated from botanicals which have been traditionally used to help support healthy mucous membranes and relieve symptoms of allergens.

Weleda Nasal Spray – £7.87

Weleda Nasal Spray

I love using nasal sprays I find they’re really great for my congestion in the warmer months. I especially love Weleda as it’s a natural beauty brand and so I know I’m not doing any harm to my body.

Weleda Hay fever Oral Spray- £10.24

Weleda Hayfever relief

Another Weleda product, this one instead is an oral spray and helps with a tickly throat and to ease the pain of hayfever.

Haymax Aloe Vera Pollen Balm for Hayfever – £6.94

Haymax Pollen

This aloe vera balm is very gentle and soothing. It’s organic and drug free and helps to relieve a sore nose. You place it around the eyes and nose to reduce pollen, dust and pet allergens.

Solgar Vitamin C – £9.25

Solgar Vitamin C

It’s great to keep your vitamin intake up and especially Vitamin C. I love using supplements to get an extra dose of vitamins and goodness and this one is great!

Chlorella Powder – £10.57


Chlorella is great and a great way of getting extra greens into your diet in a really quick and efficient way. It’s green algae that has truly powerful detoxifying properties and many therapeutic virtues.

Sevenhills Acai Berry Powder – £9.99

Seven Hills Acia Berry Powder

Acai berries have a whole host of goodness in them. They’re full of antioxidants, which are great for boosting your immune system.
What do you do to beat allergies? Comment below…

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