The No Fail technique for a Healthy Night’s Sleep

Sleep honestly is the key to unlocking the happiest and healthiest you.

A good nights sleep will knock off the years, trim you down and make you (frankly) a nicer person to be around! 

I think the biggest thing I notice about having a good night sleep is we eat badly on tired days (especially hungover days). Now a bad day for me… frankly isn’t bad, however I do tend to over eat, snack and never feel satisfied when I haven’t slept well.

So how do we get the perfect 40 winks with out popping a pill?


Step 1: Get a good routine:

Like when we were babies it’s important to have a fixed routine before bed. So that means bed time is the same time every night. Setting up a fixed routine will allow your body to start relaxing and know what is about to happen. Allow yourself to relax so you can switch off by reading or listening to a book tape for 20 minutes before bed (harry potter is an excellent choice).

Step 2: Take a herbal helper

Camomile or Valerian root tea are delicious soothing drinks that will help you sleep the night through. The ritual of having a tea before bed also allows you to wind down.

Step 3: Turn off that laptop 

I am guilty of being quite attached to my laptop. Staring at a screen all day is very stimulating for the body and makes it hard to wind down when we go from screen to shut eye. Try and make a rule of no electronics after 9pm to ensure you have enough time to rest your beautiful eyes.

Step 4: Do some belly breathing

If you are ever feeling anxious or stressed focusing on the breath with sort you out. Big belly breaths are amazing at calming the nervous system as well as massaging internals organs. I love to lie on my back with my hand on my belly, feeling my belly rise as I inhale and fall as I exhale. It’s totally therapeutic. So much of the time our minds are focused on the present, worrying about what is to come or we are belittling ourselves of the mistakes we have made. Instead this breathing exercise allows us to focus on the present, being alive and being peaceful. 

Step 5: Journal it out

I love to write everything that goes on it my head into my journal, how I feel, my to-do lists and whats been going on in the wonderful world of me. Sometimes thoughts turn into annotations 🙂 It is just a good way to get everything out on to paper so your not dreaming or worrying about remembering something. Get it down on paper and be done with it.

Bonne nuit

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