The Chia Seed Egg Substitute

Eggs are quite a staple in my life, I use them in cakes, for breaky, as binders in burgers. I love them so very much. However this post is not a dedicated post to my love of eggs, instead it is a post to show you how to make an egg from chia seeds as a replacer in cake recipes.

So for all you beautiful vegans and those with egg allergies…you can now bake and enjoy life to the max!

Chia seeds are the best way to create the same binding technique that eggs oh so naturally possess. Chia seeds in liquid become gelatinous expanding and soaking in the liquid. This makes them a great swap for eggs in recipes.

How to make a Chia Egg

…It’s very simple add:
1 tbsp of ground chia seeds to
3 tbsp of water

Stir and leave to soak the water up for 5 minutes until it becomes gooey.

The recipe above equates to one egg, so if a cake recipe calls for two eggs, double the above.

It’s best to use chia meal or ground chia seeds, you can get this pre made or you can grind your own in a mortar and pestle.

Chia seeds pack in lots of protein, fibre and omega 3 fatty acids so you wont be missing out on nutrition using these bad boys.

Now it’s time to get baking.

Let me know how you get one with the chia egg replacer.

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