Homemade Spirulina and Honey Face Mask

Homemade Spirulina and Honey Face Mask

I hope this picture made you chuckle – it certainly was fun to make.

I love an at home beauty treatment. It reminds me of being a little girl, stirring beauty potions in my sink. This mask is easy to make, totally organic and natural.

The honey acts an an amazing antibacterial so if you ever get spots its great for clearing them up. It is abundant in antioxidants so it acts a s a great face lift. It helps boost the complexion and I have noticed it has been great at clarifying my pores so they don’t clog so much.

Spirulina is abundant in vitamin A, B12, calcium, iron and phosphorus which are all vital for glowing skin. It facilitates faster cell turnover and helps skin heal quickly.

Spirulina also contains tyrosine, vitamin E or tocopherol, and selenium, all of which are very well known for their anti-ageing effects. Tyrosine has been shown to slow down the ageing of skin cells. Antioxidants present in Spirulina can help eliminate free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing.

The mask is sticky and bright green, you might even be tempted like me to have a little taste, it’s pretty good 🙂

You will need…

2 tsp of spirulina powder
1 tbsp of runny honey

Mix them well together and spread over your face. Leave for 10 minutes, thoroughly rise and apply a light fresh moisturiser. I love Pai’s calming day cream.

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