Spicy Miso Tofu Buddha Bowl

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Spicy Miso Tofu Buddha Bowl

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I try and eat a buddha bowl a day – this Spicy Miso Tofu Buddha Bowl is a winner. A bowl with heaps of veg to power me through the day. If you feel like you get a bit of a slump in the afternoon try and pack your lunch with another few portions of veg. They’re nutrient packed and will help you power through. Here is a wonderful Asian style bowl that will transport well in a lunchbox. Enjoy.

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Preheat the oven to 200 C.

Cut the sweet potato into small cubes. Rub in sesame oil and place on a baking tray.bake for 35 mins. While this is cooking. Mix the miso dressing together.

Slice the red pepper into slithers. Using a peeler peel the cucumber into ribbons. Cook the buckwheat noodles as per pack instructions then rinse on cold water.

Heat a pan to a medium heat. Slice the tofu into cm thick slices. Heat a bit of sesame oil in a pan. Add the spices to the tofu then fry for 6mins each side.

Plate everything together and dig in.

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