Poached eggs, Avocado and Miso Sweetcorn Puree

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Poached eggs, Avocado and Miso Sweetcorn Puree

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This asian egg dish is fantastic, it’s light and creamy. It’s such a versatile dish and you can enjoy it for breakfast or lunch, or even as a starter at a dinner party!

Miso paste is great for digestion so this dish is light on the stomach, and the apple cider vinegar adds flavour to the dish but will also help regulate your blood sugar levels – keeping your hunger pangs at bay!

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1. Boil 200ml of BRITA filtered water in a pan and add a pinch of salt. Make sure you use filtered water in order to avoid giving your egg a nasty metallic taste. Crack the egg into a ramekin then pour it into the pan. Poach for 2 minutes so it is still gooey in the middle.

2. Cut the avocado into slithers and place on the plate, cover in 1/2 the lime juice and salt.

3. Place the other half of the lime juice, sweet corn, 1/2 tbsp of miso in the blender and blend until smooth, place onto the plate with the avo.

4. Place the rest of the miso paste with the sesame oil, garlic and vinegar in the blender. Blend until smooth and pour over the plate with the freshly poached egg.

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