Mexican Salmon, Lentil and Quinoa Bowl


Mexican Salmon, Lentil and Quinoa Bowl


I love this dish. It blends together all my loves – salmon, quinoa and chilli.

The quinoa acts as a nice extra bit of protein and balances out the spicy lentil mix and sweet salmon.

I try and eat fish a few times a week to up my omega 3 levels. I switch between all different types of fish, but salmon is my favourite.

If you are veggie, swap the salmon for some guacamole, it will up those essential fats and work perfectly.

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Rub the salmon in the cumin, 1 crushed garlic clove, honey and tamari and leave to the side.

Finely dice the onion and chilli and crush the remaining 2 garlic cloves. Remove the seeds from the chilli if you don’t like it too spicy. Place 1 tbsp of coconut oil in the pan and sauté the onion with a pinch of salt. Sauté for 5 minutes then add the chilli, garlic and smoked paprika.

Rinse and drain the lentils and poor them in. Add in 100ml of water and cook for 15 minutes.

Rinse the quinoa and pour into a pot with 220ml of water and a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil then turn down to a simmer and cook with the lid on for 12 minutes. Lift the lid and turn off the heat. Fluff it with a fork then leave to sit while you make the salmon.

Heat a fry pan with 1/2 tbsp of oil, allow the pan to get hot. Slice the salmon into large chunks and season with pepper. Place them skin side down on the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Place all three dishes together with yogurt, a drizzle of olive oil, fresh coriander and the juice of one lime.

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