Fruity Autumn Porridge

Madeleine Shaw Porridge

Fruity Autumn Porridge

As soon as it gets a little colder, I love having my porridge for breakfast. This fruity autumn porridge mixes pomegranate (one of my favourite fruits), kiwi and apple with big dollop of delicious almond butter.

Kiwis are a super super food, rich in antioxidant vitamin C that helps repairs cells. It has also recently been suggested that kiwis help you sleep because they are rich in serotonin!

I love whipping this up first thing in the morning as the burst of sweetness from each fruit really wakes me up! I also love the flavour from the creamy almond butter which marries everything together.

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Serves 2 Ready in 15 minutes


Mix the oats, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup with a tiny pinch of salt. Put in a saucepan cook for 3-5 mins until warm through.

Grate your apple and remove the pomegranate seeds. Peel and slice up the kiwi.

Plate the porridge into two bowls and top with pomegranate, kiwi, grated apple, almond butter and pumpkin seeds


Images: Shanyaraleonie

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