Dhal, Chickpea Flatbreads And Tomato & Cucumber Salad


Dhal, Chickpea Flatbreads And Tomato & Cucumber Salad


I was so happy to be cooking alongside Tom Redwood at the Babease headquarters. Together our aim is to make food for the family which is accessible, simple but still fun and flavoursome.

Tom’s wholesome Dhal recipe is a winner! What I love about Dhal is the ability to put your own spin on it and the ability to be adventurous with different flavours!

My chickpea flatbreads and tomato salad are also the perfect sides for a dhal and will definitely please the family ad encourage #FutureFoodies

Stay tuned for more from us, but for now, get making! Xx

Serves 2 Ready in 40 minutes Good For , , , ,



To make life easier, you don’t have to use scales for this. As a rough guide, you will need 3 parts water to 1 part lentils. We’re making enough for a family of 4, including a little one, so we have used a cup as small cup as a measure!

First of all, add red lentils, water and a tea spoon of turmeric to a medium sized saucepan. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 10 mins mins before adding the diced tomatoes and continue to simmer until it takes on the consistency of porridge, usually a further 10 – 15 mins, adding more water if necessary.

When ready get a small frying pan and heat the coconut oil.  Once hot, add the cumin, crushed coriander seeds garlic, ginger and cook until aromatic, approximately 30 seconds. Add to the lentils and cook for a further 5 minutes.

If using spinach, blitz in a food processor and add for the last 5 minutes of cooking and stir so it wilts in with the mix.Finally, season with lemon, fresh coriander, and a twist of black pepper. Season with salt at the table.



First, whisk the flour and water together with the turmeric. Heat a large pan to a medium heat and pour a few tbsp of the mixture into the pan, allow it to cover the base of the pan and fry off each side for 1 minute.



Chop & mix together!

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