Breakfast & Lunch Meal Prep

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Breakfast & Lunch Meal Prep

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I love using Sundays to get organised for the week ahead, with my Breakfast & Lunch Meal Prep. My week always gets off to a great start knowing I have delicious food to power me through. This meal prep recipe takes less than 20 minutes and follows my perfect meal prep formula, a breakfast jar full of slow release carbs to keep me going until lunch and a lunchbox filled with a balance of grains, plants and protein. Use this recipe as a base for your Sunday meal prep adaptations, for breakfast you can try adding different seeds to your oats and switch up the flavourings with different fruits, nut butters and spices. For lunch, you can use different grains, vegetables, dips or dressings so that you’ll always be looking forward to weekday tupperware meals.

Serves 3 Ready in 20 minutes Good For ,


Begin by preparing the overnight oats

In a bowl, grate the apple,

Add in the oats, seeds, cinnamon, milk and mix

pour into jars and top with yogurt, raisins and additional apple

refrigerate overnight and eat within 5 days


For the quinoa box

Cook the quinoa according to package instructions

top with the chopped veggies and a dollop of hummus on the side

store the cashews and tangerine separately

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