5 Smoothie Prep Packs

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5 Smoothie Prep Packs

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These 5 Smoothie Prep Packs are the perfect sunday meal prep for a delicious and super fast smoothie in the morning. Using frozen fruit and veg in smoothies not only makes them super thick and creamy but its one of my greatest tools to combat food waste. Anytime I have fruit or veg that’s looking a little sad or I wont be able to use up I just chop it and chuck it in a freezer bag ready to create an amazing smoothie whenever I want.

Serves 1 Ready in 5 minutes Good For ,


Prep your fruit and vegetables by washing or peeling them as required

Chop into blendables pieces

Place your smoothie ingredients into reusable freezer bags

When you are ready to serve add your freezer bag contents and the liquid to a blender


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