Whole Food, Bowl Food by Anna Lisle


Madeleine's Review

Madeleine's Review

This is such a beautiful cook book by my friend Anna Lisle. It’s full of incredible and fresh dishes as well some amazing looking chocolate recipes to satisfy your after dinner sweet tooth. My time in Australia was inspired me in many ways and  I absolutely love the the Aussie style of cooking so this book is definitely up my street.


Whole Food, Bowl Food is a must for the modern cook who loves to try new recipes that are super tasty, healthy and just a little bit different. All the recipes are gluten free so the whole family can enjoy!


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For author and foodie, Anna Lisle, a whole food diet is simply about enjoying real food ingredients in their most natural state such as whole grains, full fat dairy, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. If we are what we eat, the recipes in this book will have you looking and feeling great. With over 100 creative and inspiring recipes from Anna s real food kitchen, get ready to become a healthier and happier you. All you need is a love of food and the comfort of eating from a bowl.

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