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Madeleine's Review

Madeleine's Review

Jessica is an Aussie girl, and really, really beautiful! If you’re someone that’s maybe new into healthy living this is such a great guide that includes a lot of great information. Half the book is about nutrition and it gives you a great guide to healthy living, including the importance of sleep and not being stressed – things that I believe are so important for health. It’s just such a great loving book!


Are you ready to nourish your body with nutrition and heal your relationship with food?

Nutritionist and health blogger Jessica Sepel understands the dangers of dieting and overexercising from her own experience. Years of study and personal and clinical practice have taught her how to heal her difficult relationship with food, and find a gentler path, not just for herself but for her patients and many online followers.

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Jessica believes great health starts with positive lifestyle changes such as more sleep, less stress and a better connection with those we love. But mostly it’s about the food. She shows how we can eat with a sense of deep peace and enjoyment by choosing the foods that will nourish our bodies.

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