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Madeleine Shaw Best Natural Deodorants


If you are cleaning up your beauty regime, your deodorant is probably the most important place to start. Yes, natural deodorant isn’t as potent as your usual one but the difference is that it doesn’t poison your beautiful body.

I got quite upset when I started reading into regular V natural. It’s scary just how much toxins we are consuming…especially with deodorant as we (hopefully) use it on such a regular basis.

Sadly your average spray deodorant holds a whole host of toxic chemicals, such as aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, TEA, DEA, FD&C colors, and Talc!

These are the words you read on back that look like some form of scientific experiment that you cant understand.

Lets talk about the 3 biggies and why we want to get rid of them….

1. Aluminium

The reason it’s added is to block the sweat glands and keep sweat from getting to the skin’s surface. Pretty clever,  but unfortunately when absorbed into the skin it has been linked to changes in oestrogen receptors of breast cells!

2. Parabens

Parabens are artificial preservatives widely used in many cosmetics. Like Aluminium, parabens mimic the activity of oestrogen in the body. Since oestrogen promotes the growth of breast cancer cells and a woman is 8 x more likely to develop breast cancer in the part of the breast closest to the underarm…. spraying that can, doesn’t seem so clean anymore.

3. Propylene Glycol

This addition keeps substances from drying out, originally developed as an anti-freeze agent. It is a neurotoxin and is known to cause dermatitis, kidney damage and liver damage. It has also been linked to eye and skin irritation, gastrointestinal irritation, discomfort, nausea, headaches, vomiting and central nervous depression.

So there is of course a happy ending to this tale… you can switch to a more natural deodorant, free from these baddies!

My top picks for best Natural Deodorant:

1.  Green People Natural Aloe Vera Deodorant

Bottle of Deodrant

This light fresh deodorant is super easy to use and really light. I love green people it has loads of lovely natural products.

2. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

soapwalla deodorant

This is a cream, so you rub it on, (a bit awkward in the locker room) but it delivers the goods. Id say out of all of them this one works the best for me, but you might prefer a roll on or spray instead of a cream.

3. Salt of the Earth Deodorant

Bottle of Deodrant

This stuff is pure as pure can be and works well too!

(You can get this in store and online at Holland and Barrett)

Do you have a favourite natural deodorant? Leave a comment below…

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