Natural Beauty Holiday Products

Natural Beauty Holiday Products

I am so excited for summer. I can picture it now… the sun, the ocean and mainly the gorgeous fresh food! I am a product fiend when it comes to holidays and I always have a bag full of goodies. Here are my favourite natural beauty holiday products to keep me glowing all summer long.

For those who are new to my site, I always try to use natural and organic brands that contain no parobens and nasties. The reason being is we absorb around 60% of what we put on our skin, I focus so much what I put in my mouth so it seems like a natural fit to start looking at what is in my beauty cabinet.

1. Balance me spf25

Above all it is so important to protect your face on holiday, as it’s the place we are most likely to burn. This light weight moisturiser sunscreen is really natural and doesn’t clog your pores. It’s from Balance Me, a beautiful organic brand. It smells fresh and summery and is perfect for packing in your beach bag for long days at the beach.

You can buy Balance Me spf25 on

2. John Masters organics – Sea mist

This sea mist makes any mane look beachy. I love to wear my hair natural on holiday so I can give it a break from the hair dryer. The mist gives it some added life and beach tousled waves. It smells amazing and even if you’re not on a beach holiday it will perfect that beach babe look any day of the week.

Buy John Masters Sea Mist

3. Argania liquid gold

This stuff is amazing. I have quite dry hair from endless years of bleaching it. It’s full of natural Argan oil and doesn’t make the hair greasy. It’s perfect for putting in your hair on the beach to keep it moisturised and it has the added bonus of protecting it from the sun!

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4. Green People after sun

We all need some love and care after time in the sun, this soothing cream is light and makes your skin feel amazing after a day in the sun. It calms red patches and maintains your tan! Coconut oil works wonders too!

Buy Green People after sun 

5. Lavera body sun cream

I’m all about a spray sunscreen, it allows you to cover all the parts of your body evenly. Sunscreen can be thick but this one is light and soaks in well without the white patches. Like everything on this list, it is of course organic and natural. It has lasted me such a long time, over loads of holidays so it’s a great buy.

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I hope you enjoyed my little summer products guide. Do you have any must have natural beauty holiday products for summer?

Leave a comment below…

P.S  Don’t forget your sunscreen and have the best holiday ever!

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