Natural Beauty And How To Get Started Today

Natural Beauty And How To Get Started Today

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A year or two ago I remember reading about make up, and unknown to many woman, how it hugely impacts the environment. There is a large volume of research on the ingredients (synthetic chemicals) commonly found in makeup products, and this was something that I was completely naive too. From that day I promised I’d do some more research and try my best to transition to green and cruelty-free beauty, no matter how gradual it may be.

A couple of weeks ago, myself and the gorgeous Monique Peters did an Instagram Live guiding you on natural beauty and everything you need to know about the transition! Monique is an Organic Beauty Advocate from Australia and the founder of the The Beauty Journal and just a wonderful person. So when she sent me a message asking to help me and you guys on natural beauty I was over the moon.

Hopefully this will be a super helpful reference point which will assist anyone wanting to live a more holistic lifestyle especially if you have no idea where to start. More importantly, myself and Monique wanted to put our message across in the least intimidating and most realistic way possible, as we know ourselves how daunting it is when you just don’t know where to start. We hope you find it useful beautiful.


What Monique says:

” Just like there is no “one size fits all” beauty regime, same goes for switching to green beauty! Everyone’s circumstances are so different. Some of you maybe be wanting to see improvements in your skin , whilst others are extremely passionate about the environment. Whatever your unique circumstance, we all collectively have the same desire, and that’s to live a healthier life whilst making better choices for ourselves and the environment.
Don’t be overwhelmed when transitioning to green beauty that will take the fun out of it. If you are completely starting out my best piece of advice is to be practical. You don’t have to throw out everything you own and start again all in one day. As you run out of products start replacing them with a more natural alternative. “


Here are the top 5 places to prioritise swapping first:
Toothpaste and lip products
Body lotion
Face serums


Clean beauty swaps:


Best UK brands (or found in the uk) and Monique’s favourite products in their range:

Lily Lolo  (super affordable) –  Best bronzers, blushes, lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes

Inika – mascara, mineral powder, BB cream, eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner

RMS – Luminizer, lipsticks, makeup wipes, foundation

Ere Perez – concealer, foundation, lipsticks, herbal facial mist

Vapour – foundations, primer, face serums

Josh Rosebrook– SPF 30+, fragrance, face mask

Luna Bronze – Self tan

MV Organics – Rose facial mist, rose facial oil and jojoba oil
101 On Decoding Products:
Scan the ingredients list and avoid the below:

FOAMING AGENTS – Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate
PETROCHEMICALS – Propylene Glycol, Parraffin, Mineral Oil, Butylene Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol and Petrolatum
FRAGRANCE – Fragrance/Parfum
PARABENS –  Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, and Ethylparaben


My Top Tips For Decoding Products:


Have your phone handy
If you have scanned the back of a product and you are unsure of an ingredient, whip out your smart phone and enter the ingredient or the product into the EWG skin deep database. Monique personally won’t use a product with an ingredients rating higher than a level 3 on the EWG scale (10 being the most toxic).

Shop ethically
The easiest way to transition and to take the hard work out of it, would be exploring more natural, ethical beauty stores. Knowing your in safe hands by shopping somewhere that ONLY stocks “low tox”, eco friendly brands, will take the hard work out for you and make the experience much less stressful.
Monique recommends Content Beauty in the UK.


Don’t fear the unpronounceable
Don’t be frightened by long, difficult-to-pronounce ingredients. Even chemical sounding names can be totally safe to use. For example jojoba oil (which is 100% natural) is known as “Simmondsia chinensis” scientifically. Vitamin E can also be listed under “tocopherols” or “tocotrienols.”


Don’t be fooled by greenwashing
Remember labels may lie, but ingredients list don’t. Words like – pure, natural, hypoallergenic, vegan etc don’t necessarily mean the product is free of chemicals. Always read the ingredients list.


Thank you so much for hopping on here and reading this! Please hop over to my Instagram and let me know what you think or if you have any more questions. Also thank you so much to the amazing Monique for enlightening me on this and hopefully helping you too. Her Instagram is here . I hope we can all start to make a difference together.

Lots of love,

Madeleine.  Xx

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