My Trip To Sani Resort | 5 Reasons Why You Have To Go! ‍

My Trip To Sani Resort | 5 Reasons Why You Have To Go! ‍

Hey gorgeous!

As some of you may know, last week I had the most amazing, unforgettable trip to Sani Resort in Greece. It was the ultimate family bonding holiday and I already can’t wait to go back as a 3!

Before I spill the beans on my holiday, let me tell you a bit about Sani Resort…

It is a family-owned, ecological reserve that stretches across 1,000 acres – yes it is huge! The resort encompasses pine forests, beautiful golden beaches and crystal-clear waters. For someone who loves the ocean, it was so lovely to be able to swim in such an amazing setting each day.

The whole resort holds 5 different properties and I was lucky enough to stay in Sani Dunes, which had the most calming atmosphere and the most helpful staff. I liked Sani Dunes so much because it was easy and set in the centre of the resort, has a variety of gorgeous cuisines– perfect for the foodies out there! But there is more! Here are my five reasons you need to visit Sani Resort…

I have never been treated with such kindness and warmth. From the way you are greeted to how easy going and kind the staff are. Especially to Shay, it was so nice to feel at ease on holiday and to see that Shay was so at ease too. As well as the tranquil atmosphere, that was all because of the amazing staff at Sani Dunes!


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The kids’ menu was amazing, to the point I wanted to order some food for me off of it. From full plates to purees, it was so nice to know there was everything Shay might want or need over the holiday. The shallow pools were also a safe place for Shay to have a splash around (as you can perfectly see below) and lots of shaded areas perfect for babies, little kids and to relax and read your book without a worry.

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I am always slightly sceptical about what the food is going to be like when booking a holiday. Will it be same-same or perhaps not have much variety, you can never really tell. But, hallelujah, the food at Sani was so fresh, so yummy, typically for breakfast I would go sweet to savoury; starting off with a bowl of fruit, yoghurt and honey then onto some scrambled egg and salmon. YUM. I was also surrounded by restaurants and I could choose which cuisine I fancied each night. Ranging from Greek, to Asian, to Italian food – it was dreamy.


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One day, Sani resort invited me to try their new SlimFit programme included a personal training session for weight loss using a TRX (click here to find out more about the programme) which was set in the forest. Shay was curiously crawling around, trying to eat the occasional twig, whilst I had some me time, it was epic. The programme also included some relaxing time at the spa, where I had my very first Detoxifying Spirulina Wrap – a natural seaweed that re-metabolised my body and left me feeling amazing and cleansed.  Though I only did it once this holiday, the great thing about Sani is they are so family-friendly, so if you want an afternoon nap in the gorgeous beds or you and your partner want to go and explore together, the opportunity is there. I think next time, me and Kieran will definitely have some us-time over the holiday and I cannot wait!


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I never understood when people went on these holidays where it is incomparable to anywhere else, so much so, they go back every year. But now I truly do. One of my favourite moments of the holiday was strolling along Bousoulas beach and stopping off at the white sand bar which overlooked the water. I sipped on a fresh juice and remember thinking how lucky I was.

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I will certainly miss getting a buggy down to breakfast every morning that’s for sure! All of this, is thanks to the amazing, Sani Resort and Destinology, it was truly a holiday that I will cherish forever. Destinology, the experts in luxury travel, offer a seven night stay at Sani Dunes from £979pp, based on two sharing on a half board basis and including return EasyJet flights from London Gatwick. For further information or to book visit: or call 01204 824619 .

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Love, Madeleine. Xx

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