My Stylish Sustainability Swaps

My Stylish Sustainability Swaps

These are My Stylish Sustainability Swaps I’m loving right now 


Making sustainable choices has never been more fashionable and we now have so many options for quick swaps which can help support a sustainable life. One thing that is so important when purchasing anything is to ask yourself whether or not you truly need the item, how genuinely life enhancing it will be and how many times you will use it. For a rough rule, Livia Firth suggests when it comes to clothing to ask yourself if you will wear it 30 times and I try to bear this in mind whenever I consider buying something. That said, these are some of my top picks for sustainable switchovers at the moment: 


Maison Bengal Woven Bags 

I love these beautiful fairtrade bags for a long lasting alternative to plastic bags for your groceries. They roll up and fold so are totally portable to keep in your handbag or to use as a handbag themselves as they are really beautiful and go with everything.

Stasher bags: 

These stasher bags are such a great alternative to single use plastic freezer bags. I use my freezer all the time to prevent food waste and save time in the kitchen so it’s great to have a reusable option for my freezer food. What’s particularly great about the stasher bags is that you can also heat them up so they are perfect for when you have something frozen you need to defrost quickly or even if you want to cook fish, meat or eggs sous vide. Check out how I use them for my smoothie prep in this video. 


Girlfriend Activewear: 

For those super stretchy yoga leggings the chances are they’ll contain plastic, to stop more plastic from being produced why not choose a more sustainable option for your gym gear such as this amazing set from girlfriend collective which are made from recycled plastic, whether that’s saving 25 plastic bottles in one pair of leggings or using nylon recycled from discarded fishing nets. 



Vejas are my favourite trainers at the moment, and not only do they look gorgeous with everything but the founders are on a seriously impressive mission to change the way we produce shoes for the better. Vejas is the first sneaker brand to use fabric entirely made from recycled plastic bottles, for there vegan designs vejas use a corn-based leather alternative which is more sustainable than the typical plastic based vegan leather. In their non-vegan styles they use a form of fish leather which is made from a by product from Tilapia farms which is typically wasted transforming a waste product into a luxury material. The remainder of there materials are also impressively thought out, including organic, fair trade cotton for the canvas styles they have also preserved 120,000 hectares of the amazon forest as a result of purchasing 195 tons of wild rubber for their soles. If you want to read more about this company’s amazing sustainability journey check this out


Ekobo lunch box:

I love these beautiful bento boxes from Ekobo, they are made from FSC certified bamboo, one of the earth’s most renewable resources and are super lightweight and durable. The biobu range are made from sawdust that is shed from the production of other bamboo products such as flooring and chopsticks. 



I always remember receiving the coolest clothes from my cousins and family friends when I was younger, hand-me-downs were the best and with kids growing out of clothes so quickly it just makes so much sense to share! I love visiting FARA a charity shop which supports disadvantaged children and sells some really amazing second hand kids clothes. I’ve found some absolute gems for Shay here from outfits to toys and it is great to know that we are supporting a great cause with our purchase. 



Depop is a fantastic app for buying and selling second hand clothing, I love the search feature for whenever I’m looking for something specific and it’s great to know that you are giving a preloved item a new home


Vestaire Collective:

Vestaire works similarly to depop but is specially for the resale of luxury items, I’ve found so many amazing pieces on here for a much more affordable price than buying new and it is great to know that no new clothes had to be created. 


Dress Rental:

There will always be those special occasions where you want to feel extra glamorous and sometimes the items in our wardrobes don’t quite suffice. Rather than buying a new item just to wear once why not look on a rental site such as Hurr, they have loads of different options at super affordable prices to make you feel amazing in a more sustainable way.


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