My Integrated Institute of Nutrition Review

My Integrated Institute of Nutrition Review


I often get asked about my experience of IIN so I thought I would share with you my integrated institute of nutrition review. For those who don’t know, IIN is an online nutrition school based in the states, helping people to become health coaches.

I first came across the course when I was living in Australia as a girlfriend of mine had studied there and raved about it. So I decided to apply to the course in 2012. The course takes a year and is completely online. The thing I love about the course is that it doesn’t preach a particular nutrition philosophy, it is open to all schools of thought from paleo to macrobiotic.

Positive points about the course:

It’s a very enjoyable experience all of the lecturers and speakers are very inspiring.
It takes 9 hours per week so is great if you have a full-time job or lead a busy lifestyle.
It tells you how to market yourself so that you are able to set up your own business.


As it’s only 1 year it isn’t full in depth.
You aren’t technically a qualified nutritionist after you complete the course.
Would I recommend it to people?
Yes I would, it’s great for anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition, become a nutritional health coach or set up their own business.

How long does it take?

1 year and is completely online.

“What kind of career can I hope for from the course?”

I’ve seen graduates from the course go on to set up their own raw chocolate company, personal training and food coaching as well as health journalism, and of course a successful health coaching practice. So there really is a wide variety of paths you can follow after the course.

For me, it was amazing and launched me into the career I have now. I’m currently studying a 3 year nutrition course at CNM which will allow me to work with clients on a deeper level. I’ll be able able to take blood tests and stool samples allowing me to really understand what is going on with my client’s body.

“Is the course right for me?”

Do you want to learn more about nutrition and have 9 hours to give towards the course? Are you motivated enough to study online? If the answer is yes to these questions then I would say it is definitely right for you.
I always trust my gut feeling, and if it feels right I would always say to go for it!

Find out more on their website. Just to be warned, if you give your email away to them they will email will email you non-stop. Don’t be put off by their friendly, yet persistent manner. The course is really awesome and totally worth it!

Have you studied at IIN? If so what were your experiences like? Please share below…

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