My Career Path

Madeleine IIN


I often get asked about my career path and how I got into what I do, so I thought I’d share it with you in a little more detail.

Moving down under…

It all really began when I moved to Sydney when I was 18, I went there travelling my gap year after school and just fell in love with the sunshine, relaxed lifestyle and Aussie accent.

While I was over there I had really bad digestive problems and was getting bloated every day. It was so uncomfortable and embarrassing. I didn’t feel confident in my skin and always felt tired and lacking in energy.

A friend of mine told me about this is health cafe in Bondi so I went to check it out, I was amazed at all these strong healthy and happy people. I wanted to be like them. I started to eat there and turned my whole diet around from low fat, high sugar diet to filling my plate with lots of fats, veggies, good quality meat and love.

It totally transformed me and I ended up working in the cafe cooking. I loved cooking, learning about nutrients and above all helping people get healthy.

My mission was to make healthy eating simple and delicious…

I was finishing off my degree at Uni but wanted to know more. I had heard about the integrative institute of nutrition from friends who had set up successful healthy coaching businesses from it. I had a look on their website and enrolled.

Madeleine Shaw drinking from a coconut

Enrolling at IIN…

IIN is a year long course that gives you amazing knowledge of holistic health. It doesn’t just teach you about macronutrients it dives deep into the mental relationship to food which for me was so important, having had a bad relationship with food as teenager it really helped me heal my relationship with food and understand that your attitude to your body and self is just as important as the food you eat.

Integrated Institute of Nutrition was the big stepping stone that got me on the map, it gave me the confidence to start up my website, to start seeing clients, to create recipes to share with you and do all the amazing things I have done. I can’t recommend it enough, whether you want to learn more about nutrition or start your career in health. You can sign up on their website for a free taster class!

After studying here and starting my blog things just started happening, I got approached by magazines to comment and provide recipes, I started doing my supper clubs, talks and events.

It has taken a lot of inner strengthen to believe in what I do, I couldn’t do it without support from my friends and family. However the biggest thing that has got me through is self belief and not comparing myself to other because I, like you, will bring something different to the world that no one else has.

I hope this inspires you to go after what you want!

I’m now studying at CNM, to further my knowledge in Nutrition which I will be writing a separate post about so keep your eyes peeled!

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