My 7 Healthy Holiday Hacks

My 7 Healthy Holiday Hacks

Hello Gorgeous,

Happy Tuesday!

This week I have been in holiday mode, and it has been amazing! It’s rare that I’m able to switch off from work and to feel healthy and glowing again. I also feel very lucky to have been able to spend some quality time with my boy and be completely in the moment ☺️

We have been lucky enough to stay in Sani-Resort, in Greece and it has been a total dream. From experiencing the gorgeous local food, to the lovely, helpful staff and the zen atmosphere. The views have been insta-worthy too (check my lastest posts out here) 😍. We also got upgraded, which made the thought of packing for home even more heart breaking.

I must say, though there has been more than a few overwhelming mum moments, the trip has been less stressful than I anticipated. From feeling very anxious about my first solo trip with Shay, Sani-Resort has been magical and has made me feel at home.

I was thinking though, how we often assume that when we go on holiday, all healthy habits go out of the window. Especially when the local cusine is to die for. I find that we either put ourselves through hot gruelling gym sessions or over indulge on gelato (usually the latter) 🙊. So, I thought I’d compile my 7 holiday hacks, which have heped me and will hopefully enlighten you on staying healthy, active and glowing, but still enjoying yourself this summer holiday:

1.     Stay Active

Take a walk to the next beach or town, explore the city or join in with activities and adventures that may be going on around you. Though holidays are for relaxing, I can’t think of anything better than a morning stroll in the sun.

2.      Stay Zen

Enjoy some ‘you time’ this holiday! Whether it’s a 5 minute belly breathe or  sunrise yoga, making time for this will honestly change your holiday game and leave you feeling super recharged.

3.     Protein Packed Brekkie

Eating a hearty breakfast not only benefits blood sugar levels and cholesterol, I also think personally, it leaves me feeling energised and prevents all the mid-morning croissants on the beach. Protein packed meals always leave me feeling full, and plus, you can’t go wrong with eggs in the morning. How do you like your eggs in the mornin’? 😉🍳

4.     SLEEP To Your Hearts Content

Holiday is the perfect time to catch up on your sleep, as and when you can. I find when I have had less sleep than usual, mindful eating goes out of the window and I crave all the breakfast pastries (which is fine until I demolish the whole lot 🙊). Having an early night or a cheeky day time nap is definitely a winner!

5.     Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

The sun and sea always leave me feeling dry and crusty, so I made sure I packed lots of sun cream and of course my gorgeous origins Glow-Co-Nuts Mask. Depending on when Shay is asleep, I usually put my creamy hydrating mask on for 10 minutes, just before dinner, or wear it overnight and it leaves me with soft and smooth skin and refreshed for the day!

6.     Don’t Forget Your H2O

Though it’s not always easy, staying hydrated on holiday is one of the most important things for keeping your glow and feeling good. I take a reusable water bottle with me for the day, drink lots of water before meals and always have water by the side of my bed. Staying hydrated will keep the dehydration headaches at bay and leave you feeling way more energised!

7.     Enjoy Your Food

Every last bit! I often have to remind myself  ‘your on holiday, just enjoy!’ and it’s so true. Holidays are all about letting your hair down, enjoying yourself and eating the best of the local food, so the important thing is to really ENJOY every mouthful.

I hope these were helpful. If you would like to see some holiday snaps or what I packed in my hand luggage, head over to my Instagram!

Lots of love,

Madeleine. Xx

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