My 5 Secrets To Thick Luscious Hair

My 5 Secrets To Thick Luscious Hair

Hey Beautiful

I used to have the worst hair, it was limp, dry and always breaking. Of course it was partly to do with the constant bleaching. However I also came to learn that your hair is the product of your lifestyle too. Putting in time to do these 5 simple, lifestyle choices has helped thicken and enrich my hair and bring it back to life again. I hope they help…


1)    Feed Your Hair With Goodness

Whilst I think that what you put inside yourself influences healthy hair. I think we can all agree there are some things you can do externally to help keep your hair shiny, soft, and smooth. One of my favourites is a homemade avocado conditioning hair mask. Whip some avocado, olive oil and honey together and it’s all done for you. Another firm favourite I use is original minerals seven day miracle , this is something I use when my hair needs a strong condition.


2)    Detox Your Scalp

I remember when someone told me that you need to look after your scalp before you look after your hair. Using Scalp oil is a great way to do this. It will nourish your scalp, strengthen your hair and promote thickness, you’ve got to give it a try! I use Aveda scalp oil and it’s awesome.


3)    A Deep Massage

As well as using oils, a head massage will also promote thick luscious hair. Beyond sending you into a wonderland of bliss, scalp massages will increase blood flow to your hair follicles and is amazing for hair growth. Get your partner, your friend or your family involved, it’s amazing how relaxing a head massage is too, it’s a win-win.


4)    Super Supplements

Though there are many supplements out there for hair growth, nothing has beat pregnancy vitamins just yet, when it comes to hair thickening. Although it’s for pregnant people, I don’t believe it will matter if your not pregnant. Other supplements I like to use are Biotin and omega 3 (because Omega 3 is just good for everything)!!


5)    Invest In A Life Long Brush

We’ve all had that hairbrush that has stuck around a bit too long and starts to fall apart. They are hard to chuck away and once you like one, you don’t want to replace it. But what if I told you, your choice in hairbrush could dramatically change improve the health of your hair.  My aveda hair brush, is not too harsh on my scalp, doesn’t pull my hair out and leaves me with thick soft hair for the day.


My hair has felt amazing since following these tips, however, I definitely still have some bad hair days for sure. I would love to know what you use for strengthening and thickening your hair. Join me over on my Instagram


Lots of love,


Madeleine Xx


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