How I Got Through A Tough Week – Motherhood Mondays (1)

How I Got Through A Tough Week – Motherhood Mondays (1)

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Motherhood, so far, well where do I start. It has been the most incredibly amazing, unpredictable learning curve and I wouldn’t change a thing. Each day has been a surprise and I’ve never really know what’s in store . I have come to find that many mums I have chatted to, feel the same.

Before I delve in, I wanted to start Motherhood Mondays here on my blog, because sometimes it’s hard to put everything I’m thinking, learning and doing in an Instagram post or You Tube video, so I wanted to start documenting it on here instead. In hope that I can share my experiences, encourage talk around the struggles, and support any one who needs it.

Get Your Glow Back – my new podcast coming out really soon, in which each week I’ll chat to some amazingly inspiring woman about navigating motherhood and lots of different topics around it. So stay tuned!
Any way, this week I wanted to share how I got through a tough old week with Shay…Sleep… This week there has been very very little of that. I guess your thinking, well yes of course, none of us are getting sleep. But, for me, we went from a normal sleeping pattern and a great routine, to neither of us getting sleep and routine seeming so far away. Having to put on a brave face at work was really a struggle. I think Shay is dealing with some kind of intolerance, as he’s getting awful tummy ache, so I’m going to trying to figure out what’s causing them over the next couple of days and will update you next week.
On the other hand, I became an Auntie last week, and my brother (who became a father) really made sense of being a parent in one single line:

“With most relationships you know where you’re at. With kids you never know what the day will bring”


I never thought of it like that, but it is so true, the unpredictability always ceases to amaze me. Any how, it was really nice to have a great chat with my brother and I came away from being with my family feeling loved and supported. Other than this chat, there were a few things things that really stuck out in my hand and helped me through this week:


A Hot Bath:

A hot bath is so underrated.  Having some time to myself was gorgeous, I believe having this time is so integral to our lives. You can end up resenting other around you, when you are not looking after yourself properly and it will really reflect in your personality. Having this half an hour, allowed me to relax my muscles, stop the tensing and just be still. I used By Sarah London bath salts which are an actual dream.

A small glass of red:

I’m not much of a drinker, but a small glass of red was super soothing and allowed my brain to relax before bed. We all deserve a lovely glass of wine, once in a while, don’t we!

A book:

I am reading An Edited Life by Anna Newton, which is all about decluttering your life. This took my mind off any anxious feelings I was getting and also got me feeling super motivated for the next day.

Filling out a schedule and To-Do list:

Before I go to bed, I have been writing small actionable steps I want to get done each day, separating it into Work life, Home life and Self Care. Booking myself into classes has been great, because I pay for it before, so I can’t ever get out of it. It also gives me an hour to release any stress that may be building up.

I would love to know how you keep on top of things and make yourself feel better after a tough week. I’d also love to know if this was helpful at all and if you’d like for me to keep you up to date like this. Hop over to my instagram @madeleine_shaw_ and message me or hashtag #MadeleineShaw and let me know.
Lots of love,
Madeleine. Xx

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