Top 5 Healthy Travel Snacks

Top 5 Healthy Travel Snacks


I am currently in Africa on safari and having the most amazing time. Travelling means going on an adventure, but also plane food.

I am often asked how to stay healthy while travelling. For me its all about pre-planning and having great selection of snacks to hand.

I’ve got a handy list below, of the best travel snacks to eat whilst on the road.

1. Nakd Cashew Cookie Bar

These are gluten free, and made only from raw fruit and nuts. They are 100% natural and will keep you filled up until your next meal!

2. Savse Super Orange

So although you can’t take liquids through airport security, I love fuelling myself up for a flight with a Savse smoothie. The nutrients from the cold pressed and HPP preserved drink will keep you full, and your skin hydrated and full of vitamins! Flights tend to be very dehydrating so it’s a great way to up your nutrients before you fly.

3. Rude Health, The Beetroot

Free of refined sugar and gluten, this little powerhouse bar is full of veggie goodness. It’s made from dates, nuts and beetroot. The dates and nuts will give you energy keep you feeling full, and the beetroot is a great antioxidant, containing potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, B6 and C.

4. Crispy Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips

Kale chips are a great alternative to crisps. They are crunchy like crisps and they come in so many different flavours, I love the wasabi ones! Kale is high in protein, which will fill you up during your travels. It contains fibre and sulfur, which are great for detoxifying and keep your liver healthy. It’s also really high in iron, so make sure you munch away on these tasty little treats to keep your body healthy while on holiday!

5. Love Raw Coconut and Chia Organic Bar

This amazing superfood bar contains Chia seeds, which absorb 10-12 their weight in water. They will keep your body super hydrated, which is great whether you’re on the beach or a plane.

What are your favourite healthy travel snacks?

Leave a comment below….

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Healthy Travel Snacks Healthy Travel Snacks

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