Glow Guides: My 8-Week Transformational Programme

Glow Guides: My 8-Week Transformational Programme

Glow Guides is out now!

Available to download on iOS and android.

I am so excited about this announcement!! The Glow Guides programme is something I have been working on for two years and I have poured my life and soul into it. I really believe it will change your life.

What is Glow Guides?

Glow Guides is an 8-week, holistic transformational programme – all in an app. A pocket personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach all rolled into one!​​

For me, real transformation starts from within so not only does the programme focus on exercise and diet, but it also allows you to take time out to still and strengthen your mind through meditation – which I think makes it totally different from all the other programmes out there.
Each of the eight weeks builds on the next and is divided into a movement plan, a nutrition plan and a meditation plan – or what I call: Move, Munch & Meditate.


The movement programme is made up of yoga videos (led by me), as well as workout videos (led by personal trainer and all-round health guru and babe, Shona Vertue) and PDFs – which you can take to the gym once you’re familiar with the routines.
After trying every exercise under the sun I have found that combining strength and cardio training with yoga was the best way to achieve the beautiful, sculpted silhouette I was after.
The Glow Guides movement programme is all about breath, strength, stability and agility, with the yoga sessions helping to relieve tension, connect with your inner self and attain that sense of bliss!
The classes are never longer than 45 minutes and can also be viewed on your tablet, laptop or Apple TV if you find your phone screen is too small.


The munch programme consists of eight different meal plans, with over 80 new Glow Guides recipes to match. I’ve been listening to you guys and have made really gorgeous meal plans that make healthy eating easy and tasty – so you never have to decide what to eat.
I also went the extra mile and got the meal plans approved by a wonderful dietician, so you can rest assured that you will have all the nutrients you need.
Each week also comes with a shopping list, carefully worked out to ensure you only shop once and have no soggy fresh produce left over come Friday.
The recipes are super simple and of course delicious, not to mention beautifully photographed, so all you need to do is follow the meal plan and enjoy the glowing benefits. You can also find all the recipes in the Munch section on the app if you want to construct your own meal plan.


The meditate programme is all about relaxation and recuperation. In some ways it is my favourite section of the Glow Guides, and the one I am most proud of, because I really believe it’s the cornerstone to wellness and is so often overlooked.
Each week you will get an audio meditation to listen to. You can do as I suggest and do it straight after your exercise, or just listen another time by accessing it direct from the Meditate section of the app.
Over the eight weeks I will help you bust that stress, free your mind and enable you to fall back in love with yourself.

Why an app?

I wanted to create a Glow Girls community that is by your side, always – cheering you on, picking you up when you’re tired or frustrated and making sure you don’t give up!

Each week starts with a motivational video that will explain what lies ahead and from there on in your week should be easy to follow – with me right with you in your pocket just in case you get lost or have questions.
AND there is so much more on the app than the Glow Guides programme itself!!

​I’ll also be​ streaming live videos every week featuring inspirational interviews with experts, exclusive new workouts, Glow Girls transformation stories, and maybe some guests stars too!​
The community platform is also there for you to message each other in the app, share your progress on the G​low G​uides wall, buy everything you need in the Glow Guides shop and be the first to hear about our incredible Glow Guides events.

How Much?

The app itself is free and is available worldwide both in the App Store and at Google Play (iOS and Android). Once you’ve downloaded the app you’re able to purchase the programme for £49.99. That’s it. There is no contract, no subscription charges and no hidden fees. It works out at less than the price of a coffee per day for the first 8 weeks, and then it’s yours, to access the content again and again, and stay part of the Glow Guides community.

When can I get my hands on it?

The app is available to download now, and you can buy the programme within the app.

What now?

Download the app and let’s get glowing!!


Love Madeleine xx



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