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Jess, a mum of two girls, mental health activist and motivational speaker who is also known as The Fat Funny One, is an amazing advocate for all things life, motherhood, cake & body confidence!

Today, we talked through believing in yourself, approaching your child after school, measuring your worth and why we need to stop these negative head talks.



Jess kicked it off by distinguishing to key terms:

Body confidence; Your own personal feelings about yourself and your own body
Body positivity: accepting everyones body and being inclusive in that!


What has made her confident:

– Having a child made Jess confident
– Letting go of because I thought my body wasn’t good enough, that I couldn’t be confident in other areas of my life (a job role.. etc)
– Practice self care
– Meditation; being in tune with her body
– Language; what words I am using in front of my children, or what words I am saying to myself
– Learn that bad thoughts and low confidence terms are only temporary


Self Care practices:

– A Bath
– Going to bed earlier
– Reading; absorbing positive words and stories

“It makes me a better mother and better for them, when I give myself a moment of self-care, even if it’s a bath or an early night”


Affirmations and Manifestations

– Jess’s favourite, energy goes where the affirmation …
– Looking at the good things your body has done!
– Look at your capabilities
– Don’t always think about the physical –
– ‘I’m a good friend, I’m a good mum, …etc”
– I felt better about my body, once I feel good about me.


Feeling Extra Confident On Days :

– As long as your confident and feel good on the day
– Remember, you’ll look back on photos and only remember the way you felt, not the way you looked
– Do it for you, not for anyone else


Instagram and Body positivity

– Do a detox for a while
– Remove people that don’t make you feel good
– Mute people – to make things less uncomfortable
– We control what we see and absorb
– Shut your phone down earlier at night


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