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I’ve known Charlotte for a while now, her Instagram, blog and all round knowledge has been the most useful resource for feeding Shay, particularly on my weaning journey.


Charlotte is a registered Nutritionist, with specialist areas in Maternal, Infant and Child Nutrition, with her latest project being Wean in 15 with Joe Wicks!  Mumma to little Raffy, she truly gives the BEST advice, and I personally have learnt so much from her and believe every parent should learn from her!


Here is what we discussed:


Starting Weaning:


-Start off with vegetables, get them familiar with vegetables – bitter green veggies preferably
– Then sweeter vegetables, potatoes and iron rich foods
– Baby-led weaning or puree? Charlotte did both, and she advises to experiment with this
– Do what works for you and your baby < this is most important of all


Reducing Anxiety Around Baby getting enough food:


-Babies appetite will change all the time – try and accept this – there is teething, illnesses and also being tired (Look out for these signals)
-Try and look over time – e.g. your baby won’t eat breakfast, just has one mouthful, if you look over a period, she had a huge dinner the night before.
-Keep on trying – be consistent and persistent
-Try and focus on the foods that you’re having – you don’t need to always look at separate foods
-Madeleine recommends Young Gums Book for recipes with purees and baby-led ^



Fussy Eaters – what to do


Firstly know, it is normal and it is ok – you are not alone

Here are some of the many things you can do:

-Be a role model, let your little ones see you eating
-Look at what your little one has eaten over a period of time – this will reduce anxiety
-Get your babies weight measured if you are concerned
-Be persistent – don’t take foods off the table if you think they don’t want them, as soon as you take the foods away it is less likely for them to be familiarized to them


Read Charlottes blog on this here


Dairy intolerance:


– Any child who does have a dairy allergy, you should be seeing a professional (GP, Dietician, paediatrician) – figure out a meal plan with them
– Calcium and Protein – look at other foods that are rich in these
– You can use fortified plant milks, there are many great choices (not rice milk for <5s)
– Calcium: Kale, dark leafy veg, broccoli
– Protein: Nut butter, beans, pulses, wholegrains

Vegan/ Veggie Kids:


– Best to chat to a dietician, nutritionist or your GP
– Look at Vitamin B12, calcium, iron, iodine food content
– Ideas: Scrambled tofu, eggs, beans, homemade hummus, lentils
Get a good plan together
Read Charlottes blog on Veggie diets for kids here .




– Over snacking; they can graze all day and it can lead to no routine – it can have a knock on affect on what they eat at meal time
– Try and give snacks around breakfast, lunch or dinner meal times
– Nutrient rich snacks:
Oat Cakes, Fruit, yoghurt, veg sticks, milk and protein dips


Tips for mixing it up:


– Include cold pastas
– Include food you cooked for yourself the day before
– Cracker or oat cakes with peanut butter
– Giant cous cous salads
– Raffys fave: little bit of cream cheese, avocado, lemon juice and a little bit of parmesan
– Maybe alternate bread for flatbreads, wraps or pittas

3 key messages from Charlotte


1. Enjoy feeding your little one – they will pick up on that
2. Role model – be the role model and get them involved in family meal time
3. Balance and variety – look at it over a period of time
Thank you firstly to Charlotte for such an amazing insightful episode!!

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