Get Your Glow Back – with Ash Perrin – Episode 19

Episode 19 of the Get Your Glow Back podcast features Ash Perrin, the amazing founder of the seagull project; a group of entertainers and musicians who for over a decade have travelled to 23 countries touching the lives of 115K children in orphanages, refugee camps and hospitals.

Kids should be noisy, happy, playful and laughing often  


Ash’s HOW TO be more playful guide:


  • Get play clothes and get ready!
  • Start with 1 word shouting story
  • Staring contest
  • Blinking Game
  • Let the kids teach you there favourite game
  • No tech, no phones
  • You are in their world!


Couple of the books Ash & Maddy mentioned;


  • The prophet-kahlil Gibran
  • Why love matters
  • Ken Robinson-out of our minds (also amazing tedtalk re education)
  • 5 language of love




Ken Robinson TED TALK – Schools Kill Creativity

Ash Perrin TED TALK

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