Get Your Glow Back – Episode 65 – with Katia Narain Phillips & Nadia Narain

What does self care mean to you 

Treating yourself better and doing the things that feel good for you and help look after yourself. Doing things you love keep you in the present but that will always depend on the individual

“Ttrue self-care doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. It’s not a trend or a passing fad, it’s a straightforward daily practice that you can start at any time, no matter who or where you are. It’s about being kind, consistent and loving, and watching your good habits grow and grow.”

Morning rituals:

For Nadia: Getting up at the same time every morning, making tea and then journalling from bed about gratitude followed by 20 minutes of meditation to come back to your centre and set the morning up. 

For Katia: With the kids less about morning rituals but more about evening rituals: going for long walks and bike rides in the evening to end the day as a family.

Gratitude Practices: 

5 minute journal – really helps you appreciate what you have rather than worrying about what you don’t. 

How have your self care rituals helped you during this difficult time and challenging periods in the past?

The things that you want may not be the things you need

Ganesha: taking away and putting the right obstacles in place

Sometimes we grip on to things that aren’t right for our growth

The more you practice letting go, the easier it will come in the moment.

Dealing with Judgment: 

Self-judgment: treat yourself the way you would treat someone you really love

Have awareness of your judging voice and instantly change it when you hear it

Pema Chodrin: to feel compassion for all, when you start to judge someone else say: ‘they’re just like me’

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