Get Your Glow Back – Episode 33 – With Dilly Carter

Get Your Glow Back – Episode 33 – With Dilly Carter

On the podcast today is a woman the BBC have referred to as ‘London’s Marie Kondo.’ Dilly doesn’t just make things pretty, she makes them work and she is helping thousands of others find space to live their best lives. I absolutely loved my chat with Dilly, talking all things decluttering and how to switch your mindset from quantity to quality and treasure what you have to fall in love with your life and the space you live in. I hope you loved listening here are the notes on what we discussed:

How Dilly began Declutter Dollies

In her 20s Dilly realised going into someone’s house and finding calm in chaos is her speciality

Growing up in with parents who weren’t very organised or tidy Dilly found peace by keeping her own space organised, tidy and minimal. 

She understands the benefits of living a deculttered life and how much easier it can make life and saw a gap where she could help others to live better lives something she has always wanted to do. 

Where to Begin Decluttering Your Space

The key to organisation is to clear the whole space 

Walk around your house with a notebook and note your problem areas and what the solutions are 

Don’t put stuff in storage – it’s expensive and you don’t need it you forget you have it and are paying for it, how you feel about something when you put it in storage isn’t how you’ll feel a year later when you take it out

Give yourself a limit to what you can save but aren’t using currently such as baby clothes, toys. 

Don’t bulk buy – only buy what you need

Unsubscribe from brand emails 

Save for beautiful things 

Don’t online shop 


Choose quality over quantity

Learn to live with a capsule wardrobe

Think about where you are buying from and what you already have

Make sure you can see everything in your wardrobe so you always know what you have 

Take everything out of your wardrobe and reintroduce what you really do love tol find a new appreciation for what you have already 

Repair and look after what you have 

Buy quality items you will look after and treasure.

If you never see an empty washing basket you have too much stuff


Buy the same brand to reduce waste just staples so you can refill containers with the same 

When you can see what you have you know what you need

Don’t buy for what you don’t need everyday 

How to get rid of your unnecessary items mindfully

Go local: 

Use forums such as Next door or facebook groups to distribute what you don’t need locally. 

Enquire at local churches, nurseries, schools, old people’s homes, children’s homes, refuge centres don’t just overload charity shops. 

When you buy something don’t expect to get your money back be willing to give it to someone who will need it

Sustainable parenting

Don’t give in to buying cheap plastic toys that will be played with for 5 minutes from magazines or for party bags

For party bags choose useful items that create little waste like these baking kits from not on the high street

Say no to kids magazines and offer the choice of something useful instead

Teach your children that everything has a place and how to be organised from a young age it is a vital life skill and something we should be reinforcing. 

Give toys back to schools and nurseries and children’s hospitals refuge centres doctors waiting rooms for magazines old people’s homes 

Make the pledge to change #fiveforever

Choose 5 simple things you can pledge to change whether that’s: 

Not buying magazine for kids

Not buying fruit shoots or single plastic drinks

Not buying disposable kitchen roll 

Not buying fruit and veg wrapped in plastic

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