Get Your Glow Back – With Emma Cannon – Episode 9

Get Your Glow Back – With Emma Cannon – Episode 9

This week I spoke to my good friend, saviour and fertility Queen Emma Cannon.

Emma is a fertility and women’s health expert, registered acupuncturist, founder of Emma Cannon clinic and author or four books and a TedX speaker.
In her 20 years of practice she has helped countless women achieve their dream of having a family – including me.

Todays episode is for everyone. Not just for those who are wanting to conceive and get pregnant, but also for those who actually have never thought about getting pregnant just yet. Emma tells us how important fertility is for everyone.
So in this episode 9 we chat about why you need to be thinking about fertility before even wanting to get pregnant, foods to eat and not eat, how to manage PCOS and her thoughts on the contraceptive pill!



Main Points:


Get a blood test to test for PCOS
Look at diet and exercise
There can be misdiagnosis – keep being persistent
Not eating too much sugar can help and sometimes dairy
Emma likes to look at it from a Chinese Medicine point of view; in that each of us individually are different.
Body fat – not too much and not to little. This is really important for your ovaries


If you want to find out more, Emma is here:


Naturally Regulating Your Periods:

Acupuncture – it raises LH levels (what we produce to ovulate)
A change in mindset
Taking on board lifestyle changes
Dedication to this change


Reducing Stress When Trying To Conceive:

Have an awareness early on
Think holistically if you haven’t before
You need an integrated approach – marry the two together
Seek doctor advice – no harm is asking and enquiring



Be sure to do do on top of good food if you chose to supplement
Folic Acid
Vitamin D
Good Quality Fats


Plastic & Fertility

Switch up household cleaning products
Avoid takeaway – plastic containers
Cooking from scratch
Avoid heating to plastic
Avoid plastic bottles

“ One of the things that I don’t like seeing in the headlines is the over focus on women’s age and the simplistic idea that because a woman has not had a child, it’s because ’she left it too late’. Infertility can affect women and men of all ages”


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