Get Your Glow Back – With Charlie Launder – Episode 8

Get Your Glow Back – With Charlie Launder – Episode 8



Welcome back to Get Your Glow Back.


Today we are hearing from the exercise EXPERT – especially for pre and post natal!


This was one of the nicests chats, mainly because me and Charlie have been friends for a really long time and she is honestly one of the most inspirational, strong women I know. Also, if your a new mum and wan some motivation to get your glow back and exercise more, then you’ll want to listen to this!


“Don’t read a book and think that that book is completely right for you”


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Join Charlies Bump and Burpees 4 week challenge now! It’ absolutely excellent and all completely perfect around birth exercise.



Tips for embracing our new body:


  • Think of it has what it can do and what it can’t look like – e.g. mentally feeling stronger after having a baby
  • Focus on setting yourself a goal (this can be as simple as one pull up)
  • Try to take it away from aesthetics
  • It is ok to for a while


How to fit movement in:


  • We should all think it should be an hour but no, it may just be 20 minutes
  • Get in your gym gear straight away, and see when you can fit it in over the day when you have a free slot
  • Try not to over complicate things
  • Even if it’s 3 exercises or 15 minutes!
  • Set yourself goals that you can achieve!


3 exercise tools you need at home:


Resistance band


Kettlebell or medicine ball




Find what works for you!

A good place to start is with Charlie:




I hope this was inspiring for you and will help you get your glow back.


Pop questions over to Charlie or to me over on my Instagram!


See you next week gorgeous


Love, Madeleine. Xx


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