Get Your Glow Back – With Michelle Kennedy – Episode 7

Get Your Glow Back – With Michelle Kennedy – Episode 7


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Welcome back to Get Your Glow Back, a wellness podcast for mums by me, Madeleine Shaw! You really don’t want to miss this one.

CEO and founder of peanut, a trained lawyer, mum of 1 and one of the wisest ladies I have ever met, is sharing all her knowledge on loneliness! From baby advice, to making motherhood a little less lonely and also pregnancy alongside starting up a business.

We also hear a lot about here amazing career story form lawyer to CEO of Peanut!! What is Peanut?


Peanut is for mamas! Women who want to talk about motherhood, in a fresh way, a supportive way and to help mums find another mum to go get a coffee with.  It’s a whole new, amazing community to try and make motherhood feel that little less lonely!!

Trying to make more of that shy smile when you see another mum, and making friendships from it. I actually used it when I became a mum and had 1 or 2 coffee dates with 2 amazing woman who are still my friends now!


Not only that, you know Bumble, well Michelle was one of the brains behind it! She worked so hard on this as well as being heavilly pregnant and then having her child. So it was amazing to hear her tips on starting a business, especially when pregnant:


Starting a business

– Saving
– Talking to close friends, a partner
– Try and have a side income
– Keep smart and sharp
– Research the market


Tips for loneliness

– Get out and walk
– Make arrangements that work for you (that fit around your life and your timetable)
– Talk about it – don’t be ashamed of it, it’s ok to talk about it


BALANCING work, kids and husband

– Prioritise – do the drop off!
– Remember to have time for your relationship
– Schedule in time
– But also to know it is ok to not always have the time for everything to be number 1


Michelles 3 key takeaways from the podcast

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself – the biggest gift you can give to yourself is to be kind to yourself
2. Be brave and talk about something that is bothering you
3. Don’t compare yourself to other people!


I really hope you enjoyed this podcast, I learnt so so much from her and have been personally helped by her – so thank you Michelle!

For more of Michelle…


Her app, Peanut here

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