Get Your Glow Back – Episode 59 – with Laura Brand

What was your inspiration for The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play? 

Laura had always held being creative as one of the most important parts of her life but in her 20s lost touch with this part of herself, having children reignited this love as she thought of ways to play with them that both adults and kids could enjoy.

Laura’s go to rainy day activities: 

Covering the kitchen table in brown paper and leaving paints, crayons and other materials to do free flowing table art.

Play dough is also a really great thing to make and use as a fun family activity

Shadow Puppets upcycled from cereal boxes

How can we encourage our children to enjoy their creativity without feeling self conscious about their ability? 

Trust that the children will do something remarkable without your input and allow them to flow without worrying about drawing in between the lines

Use encouragement all the way to embrace the process rather than just the end result

How can you make creative play less stressful?

Prepare for mess by laying down appropriate materials and protecting your space

If cooking with a child pre measure the ingredients to make it easier

What are the parenting books / techniques you swear by?

No Bad Kids – Janet Lansbury

Dr Shefali

Respectful Parenting: Unruffled by Janet Lansbury  

The Montessori Toddler – Simone Davies  

Brene Brown – choice theory

Where to find Laura:


The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play

The Joy Journal Website

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