Get Your Glow Back – Episode 58 – With Gail Golden

Work Life Balance

It’s a myth, you can’t do everything even if it’s perfectly balanced and it can make us feel overwhelmed, inadequate and exhausted.

It may seem like other people have it figured out but none of us have a perfectly balanced life

Curating Your Life

Think about your energy the way a curator thinks about putting an exhibit together. Save your energy for the most important things, that are the stars of your exhibit.

Look at all the things you could put in the exhibit and decide what is important and going in the exhibit right now, what is front and centre and what is less important.

what is most important?

what can be done just good enough?

what isn’t for right now?

You can’t manage your time, but you can manage your energy – ask yourself, do I have the energy for that, not do I have the time for it.

Staying Motivated and Focussed

Often when we aren’t motivated it’s because we aren’t doing the right thing

building in rewards can be helpful for getting things done

If you feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do break it down into small steps, take the pressure of getting the whole task done and just focus on the first step.

Work in sprints and rest periods to be most productive

How often should we re-curate our life?

As long as it’s working, leave it alone. If something happens that changes you re-assess

Making curation decisions

putting energy into your kids is never going to be a regret

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