Get Your Glow Back – Episode 57 – with Sam Jones

What is Purpose?

Purpose is having a reason for doing something, ‘life purpose’ is a massive question and can be overwhelming so bring it back to its core.

Where to begin with finding your purpose: 

Self awareness: work on knowing yourself

listen in to who you are

learn from your experiences and try new things. 

Finding your values: 

What you attribute the most importance to in your life 

Values determine the life decisions you make

Often we fulfil our values in a way that is negative towards ourselves 

To find your own values:

Ask yourself what were the three things you felt were missing during your upbringing/childhood?

What are the three things you speak / think about most?

Next look at how you can fulfil these values daily 


Set smart goals: 





T- time constraint

Look at your wheel of life and which areas you want to improve:


Active failure: trying your best but it doesn’t work out

Passive failure: failing because you didn’t try

how we translate that failure is the most important thing

Making the most from times of uncertainty

War time creates the best generals – in times of adversity the best leaders are created

Use this time to improve and work out where new opportunities are

Don’t overload yourself with information

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