Get Your Glow – Episode 55 – With Danielle North

What is Burnout:

WHO classification, from workplace stress with the following symptoms:

  1. feeling depleted/exhausted
  2. a mental distance from your job, feelings of cynicism / negativity around your job
  3. decreased workplace efficiency

It can be experienced beyond the workplace although that is the context of this particular definition.

Although it’s a negative experience it can be transformational in a really positive way

How Can We Work to Calm Our Mind:

A busy mind can often be a sign of being disconnected to our body, by connecting to our breath we can reconnect all the systems of our body

A deep inhale through the nose all the way down to the tummy and a long, slow and deliberate exhale out through the mouth

this breathing helps to take our nervous system from fight or flight to rest and digest during stressful periods

Mediation is also a really helpful tool but it depends on the person, if you have a busy mind start meditating and be ok with you mind being busy while you are meditating you’re not doing it wrong!

If you are starting out you can try ‘bee’ meditation where you close your eyes and cover your ears and inhale and exhale with a hum that removes outside signals as well as giving the mind something to follow

How Can We Unpick the Connection Between Busy and Successful

The majority of us have a global opportunity for a pause, be intentional about this time and find a way to really connect with yourself and find out what we really want our lives to be about.

What is a Pause:

In life we need moments to take a breath and consciously being more still to connect our body, mind and spirit.

the more you inject pause into everyday life the more you can cultivate your energy

you can support this everyday with rhythms and rituals for example your food rhythm, your sleep rhythm

schedule ‘white space’ in which nothing is planned to not do anything

creates an opportunity to connect with our intuition and listen to the things we normal wouldn’t pay attention to

How Can we Maintain Connection While Spending More Time Alone

Connecting more deeply with ourselves: journalling, meditation, body scanning practices

Connecting to Nature: get outside safely and use that time to connect to nature and really feel your feet on the ground, connect with the sky, look at the light through the trees, feel the breeze on your skin

Talk with loved one’s even if it’s over the phone or through zoom and prioritise spending regular time to catch up

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