Get Your Glow Back – Episode 5 – With Candice Brathwaite

Get Your Glow Back – Episode 5 – With Candice Brathwaite

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Wow, wow, wow what a wonderful, eye opening chat with Candice Brathwaite. She is just incredible and I honestly left the chat feeling a very happy and more knowledgeable person – thank you Candice.


(We actually found out that we both used to go to MASS nightclub in Brixton – anyone else? Good times)


Something that was pinnacle to our conversation and Candice’s work was that people believe black women feel less pain. In fact, Candice didn’t feel welcome in motherhood from the day she went into labour. A negative energy around her child’s birth, a horror story for any mum, to later on feeling like she didn’t like she understood any mums online. She didn’t want anyone else to feel like this or experience this.


So she made it her mission to empower people and make herself proud at the same time. Not long after she got asked to the house of commons to speak, go Candice!!


Candice created Make Motherhood Diverse and to be honest, wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Little did she know she would get people worldwide speaking about on diversity. Mums in wheelchairs, mums who’ve adopted, people who have in the past or present haven’t felt like they’ve fitted in completely. Her hard work has made mums everywhere feel empowered, just like they should.


“ Diversity isn’t just race, diversity is so much more than that.”


Candice perfectly puts how she has become a strong, independent, proud mother that she is- she completely blew me away!


She also chats about being the breadwinner, which is a really interesting and modern topic that again doesn’t get spoken about much, but can for some people be a problem for relationships. Candice shares why it isn’t a problem in her relationship.


Lastly, Candices husband Papa B is now taking off as a daddy blogger too and she delves into what it’s like to have a husband in the same space. She also shares her top tip for your relationship in parenthood:


” GET TO 2 years old! It all changes then “


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