Get Your Glow Back – Episode 47 – Megan Hellerer

Megan’s journey to becoming a coach: 

Worked at google for 8 years

Was achieving all she wanted and more but wasn’t happy 

Quit her job at google and decided she would take a break from work while she decided what to do next – took a coaching class on a whim and found herself aligned with it and thought she would give it a go for 6 months and see

Recalibrate Your Inner Compass

How to discern your own intuition from external voices 

Developing a sense of whether something feels light and right / warm or cold in your experience

Apply it to smaller things to grow your awareness of your inner compass 

Learn how to uncover what is misdirecting us – our saboteur or inner critic, the thing that keeps us safe but also limits us

Recognising What is Your Saboteur and What is Your True Self: 

Saboteur communicates in: I’m too ____ and I should be _____ 

Adaptively your saboteur is louder than your voice of curiosity and hope

We don’t want to repress our saboteur but we need to discern what is our true self and what is our saboteur by noticing how it communicates

People believe career should be strategic and not intuitive 

Even on your aligned path there are still many decisions to make on a day to day basis about what is next – check in to find your HAYWALTs (hey, why are you walking around like that?) 

Do this check in day to day: 

What’s going really well, what do you want to celebrate?

Where is your curiosity activated? 

What do you need to tweak? 

What are the HAYWALTs? – what do you need to address?

When we do this regularly it means we get to know ourselves more, feel more connected with ourselves and our inner compass which will lead to greater fulfilment. 

Find time to connect with yourself for 30 minutes to invest in your relationship with yourself 

Forget your purpose and follow your curiosity

The question should be – what will happen if I don’t do this not what will happen if I fail 

Break the cycle of Unfulfilment: 

Get in line with your intuition 

The more aligned you are, the more you are living your authentic life, the more you are living in integrity and the less compelling reaching each milestone will become 

True self care is living a life you don’t regularly need to escape from

Looking forward to mondays as much as fridays

Then we aren’t looking externally for answers by reaching milestones of – house, boyfriend etc.

When we are grasping something as a quick fix it is a signal that we aren’t in alignment

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