Get Your Glow Back – Episode 46 – With Erica Rodriguez

What got Erica interested in Nutrition 

Developed acne in early 20s and was given various rounds of medication by the GP 

Anti androgens, birth control, antibiotics 

Every time she’d come off the medication the acne would come back after 3 months 

Began looking into holistic treatments

Did functional testing with a nutritionist and found she had a very imbalanced gut flora – probably due to being on antibiotics for 8 months for her skin 

Introduced beneficial herbs for hormonal balance, took probiotics and weaned herself off medication 

Developed a passion for nutrition and skin and trained herself as a nutritional therapist

Coming off the contraceptive pill can cause a hormonal imbalance which can lead to later acne 

How can we feel better in ourselves when we are suffering with bad skin 

Worry and stress will release more cortisol which will lead to more androgen and more sebum which can exacerbate the condition 

You always feel worse than it is 

Where should we get seek help from first when we are suffering with acne 

Have a multidisciplinary approach: something you can apply topically 

Look at your diet, sleep, hormone levels

Tackle it inside and out

Skin gut axis:

Communicates with the skin through the immune system to control inflammation 

Best changes we can make to our diet when we are breaking out

Stick to anti inflammatory foods: leafy greens, turmeric, ginger, omega 3 

Introduce fermented foods: kimchi, sauerkraut, miso

Get to know what triggers you: processed foods? Dairy? Can exacerbate symptoms for some people

Stress makes things worse so definitely follow 80:20 and add in all the good stuff 

for more information on the Skin-Gut Axis check out this article written by Erica for the secret life of skin

Any supplements that help for acne: 

Mostly through food but a probiotic, omega 3 supplement, vitamin d, adaptogenic herbs for stress 

What are some of the reasons for acne?

Multifactorial, hormone imbalances – excess testosterone creates an increase in sebum which the bacteria that causes acne feeds off – white blood cells go to area to help but causes puss, gut skin axis – long time antibiotic use, 70% genetic so can be luck 

Skincare for acne: 

Less is more, too many products can exacerbate the acne

Benzoyl peroxide works topically

Thyme oil directly attacks bacteria responsible for acne 

Lavender oil is also helpful 

Exfoliate a couple of times a week to stop pores from getting clogged: choose chemical exfoliation such as an aha 

Oil doesn’t increase oil production it actually regulates it, epidermal barrier will always try to regulate so using an oil free moisturiser can cause extra oil to be produced. Choose an oil that will mirror the skin for example jojoba oil – avoid coconut oil as it is comedogenic

What can we do to help heal scarring 

Chemical exfoliating

Ensuring that you are getting fats into diet

Take a silica supplement and apply topically 

Microneedling – stimulates collagen production 

Sleep and skin: 

Lots of the processes of our skin are regulated by our circadian rhythms

So many functions of the skin happen while we are sleeping 

Skin permeability is highest at night 

Melatonin receptors in our skin cells, if we aren’t getting enough sleep we aren’t getting sufficient melatonin which is a potent antioxidant for the skin 

Skin and pollution: 

Load up on antioxidants in our diet – eat a wide range of phytonutrients by eating the rainbow 

A lot of skin ageing comes from an excess of free radicals which antioxidants fight

Erica’s skincare routine: 

DIY facials 

Minimising stress levels 

Consuming good fats

Limiting products fed e

Mádara SPF tinted moisturiser everyday 

Hydration and skin 

Fatty acid is what we need to be looking at for skin hydration not water so that we don’t lose water through the epidermal barrier

Related to eczema and dry skin

Avocado, omega 3, plant oils, nuts 

Skincare treatments worth investing in? 

Red light masks – stimulate collagen production 

Platelet rich plasma – vampire facial 

Nutrisimo website for research 

Great resource for finding out about research and products Nutrisimo

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