Get Your Glow Back – Episode 45 – With Pia Stanchina

What is purpose?

When you feel aligned with your values and manifest what you feel you were brought here to do 

How do we find our purpose?

Get more in touch with yourself, practice self compassion, relearn how to be true to yourself. Do simple things to connect with yourself – place a hand on your chest, meditate, breathing exercises. 

How do we know we have found our purpose?

You will feel really sure about what you are doing – feel that you are in alignment with your values, we don’t necessarily only have one purpose. Being in flow – not encountering resistance, not feeling like you want to give up because it doesn’t feel right. rejection is perfection – when things don’t work out it’s life protecting you from wasting your time and energy on the wrong path

What are values:

Values are inherently held beliefs or principles that we hope to live by

How to find your values:

get someone else to ask you several times in a row ‘what’s important about that’ or do it yourself on paper.

Keep asking yourself why you want something until you have an answer that doesn’t have a because before this is your value 

It’s okay to not always feel amazing

Sit and connect with yourself and find what you really need rather than attempting to escape from your feelings or engage in numbing behaviour 

Setting Boundaries:

In order to be a good parent, partner and friend we have to take care of our own needs – you can’t fill from an empty vessel

To express our boundaries – have a conversation where you have clearly understood your needs and explain what is happening and how you would like it to be different. 

Don’t blame the other person with: you never, you didn’t 

Byron Katie’s The Work: what is the belief you have that makes you so upset  1. is it true?

2. can you absolutely know that it is true?

3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought

4. who would you be without that thought?
What are Limiting Beliefs:

We all have them but may not even realise. Can take any form but something that tells you that you can’t.

First step in removing them is to realise that they exist 

Be compassionate with yourself, you may have this limited belief for a reason.

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