Get Your Glow Back – Episode 41 – With Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Get Your Glow Back – Episode 41 – With Dr Rangan Chatterjee

I’m so pleased to welcome someone who has massively inspired me with his work helping people to live better Dr Rangan Chatterjee. We spoke all about his new book, Feel Better in 5 and why he believes small sustainable changes are the way forward when it comes to taking on the stressors of modern life and the practices he and his family do daily do live happy and healthy lives. For the show notes on everything we discussed please see below:

Lifestyle as  Treatment and Prevention:

Found that the majority of the conditions he would see in the GP surgery were caused by collective stressors of modern life. Acute problems respond well to magic bullets of pharmaceuticals but chronic conditions caused by lifestyle will be helped most by a change in lifestyle.

Smiles trial – Professor Felice Jacka – two groups of patients with depression were placed in either a social support control group vs. or a dietary intervention group – of the dietary intervention group 32% went into remission after 12 weeks, in the control group only 8% did.

The importance of social interaction:

the stress response was evolved in a different time to be used short term, the mismatch to the modern world means that the stress response is activated for longer periods of time which can be harmful for our health.

If you weren’t part of the tribe when the stress response evolved you were vulnerable and the stress response would be activated, for many of us in the modern world we may feel we are connected but in reality we are more isolated than ever before which can put us into stress response which is why loneliness is potentially as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


chronically being stressed is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. Hammering it at the gym which may add extra stress to the body may not help, something which relieves stress like yoga may be a better option.

We need to move more and make movement part of daily life, just 5 minutes a day amounts to 35 minutes a week and is achievable for everyone

Sticking exercise onto an existing behaviour is a great way to create a consistent habit for example if you get changed after work do your 5 minutes of movement then or if you brew a cup of tea or coffee in the morning do you movement while you are waiting.

The importance of physical touch:

Professor McGlone – We have fast and slow touch nerve fibres, fast touch nerve fibres let us know where we are being touched whereas slow touch nerve fibres are stimulated by stroking. Slow touch nerve fibres stimulate the emotional brain as well as the immune system.

Slow touch nerve fibres are activated by stroking, studies have found that without being aware mother’s stroke their children at the optimal level for stimulation of slow touch nerve fibres.

Keep a touch diary – how often do you have affectionate touch, record it for one week and then double it the next

3D Greeting – greet your partner in 3 dimension with your voice, eyes and physical touch. Often we are like passing ships, you may be together but have you really acknowledged each other?


Focus on what is practical not optimal

Eat minimally processed wholefoods

Leave 12 hours every 24 hours where you don’t consume foods – try it for a week and see how you feel

Eat the Rainbow – different colours in plants = different phytonutrients which feed different gut bugs. Link to download Rangan’s eat the rainbow chart here

Practice the 3-4-5 breath – breath in for 3, hold for 4, out for 5. Being relaxed is really important, IBS is a disorder of the gut-brain axis and should be treated with more than diet alone.

Practicing Gratitude with your family:

Play a gratitude game at dinner – what have I done today to make someone happy, what has someone else done for me today that made me happy and what have I learned today.

Where to find Rangan:

Feel Better in 5 Book

The Stress Solution 

The 4 Pillar Plan: How to Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life










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