Get Your Glow Back – Episode 40 – With Clare Faulkner

Get Your Glow Back – Episode 40 – With Clare Faulkner

I’m joined on this week’s podcast episode by the wonderful relationship therapist Clare Faulkner. I hope you enjoyed listening, for my notes on what we spoke about and all the helpful links please see below:

Imago Therapy: Premise is that we learn about love and relationships from our primary caregivers and those patterns repeat as we get older.

How to cope with resentment in relationships: what meaning is placed behind the things that trigger you. Have the conversation in a non accusatory way, your partner may be able to show you a different perspective to work through something. Don’t assume within your relationship, let your partner know you would like to have a conversation and negotiate and discuss what the changes might look like.

Working through jealousy: what is really causing you to feel this emotion.

When you meet a new partner: Are you up for working through ‘your stuff’ together. Are you up for doing the work and being open, curious and owning your stuff.

Why do people become to frustrated with their romantic partner – mirrors early childhood, our parents are unable to meet all of our needs and our partners remind us of that.

Working through past trauma within your relationship, how can we heal: re-establishing safety and connection through honest talk and establishing why that exit occurs.

How can we become better listeners: if we know we will be heard that can help us to contain what we have to say to listen. When our partner can give us that experience we can trust that we will get our time to speak. A difference in opinion or perspective is a really valuable thing especially for parenting.

Setting boundaries within a relationship: Learning to say no is a really important thing we can do for our health, not just within romantic relationships but in all of our relationships and how we govern our greater environment. Talking in language that works for you in a relationship.

How can we co-parent successfully: Look at the bigger picture, what is it that you don’t agree with and why. Sitting down and coming to an agreement about parenting and what those boundaries would be.

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